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Coin and Blood & Hökaland, Game of Houses

This Obsidian Portal campaign holds information for two actual games, and perhaps more than one “actual campaign” in the end, we’ll see – let’s start small. The two games is the “Coin and Blood” actual campaign with members in the UK, and “Hökaland, Game of Houses” which is a sort of meta-game where players take on a whole noble house (kingdom) or organisation in the Midrealm of Hökaland (yes, it has a name now) and manages a small set of NPCs as well as the fate of that entire faction with a lot of interaction with other factions which sometimes is another player (though that is not often clear).

I’m open to start a second campaign in the same time setting in the same world with slightly different themes if I have time and if there are players, but regardless, the material overlaps. I trust my players to keep any meta-information they get to themselves and not “sharing it with their character”. :)

The Hökaland Wiki

Here are the main links in the wiki. Blue links are live and red links needs making.

Note that there will be information here your character does not know, so don’t read too much unless you can handle meta-knowledge. ;)

Hökaland stuff (the meta-game)

Story stuff

Technical stuff


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