The Church of Pelor

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Hierarchy of the Church

  • Patriarch of Pelor
  • Cardinals
  • Archbishops
  • High Bishops
  • Bishops
  • Priorae
  • Priest (father)
  • Brother (official term)
  • Accolyte

Hierachy of Monasteries

  • Elder
  • Monk (brother)
  • Accolyte


The church is strictly hierarchical. Monasteries are more democratic with several Elders and based on age/experience more than ranks and politics. Corruption is about the same as our Catholic Church.

Real clerics feel the deity. Compared to the real world, it’s like a strong religious experience, but as everything, it becomes routines. They have a connection. Adepts are 100% arcane OR divine. It’s just they do healing a bit innately in arcane and since it’s so studied by Divine it’s not a prioritised study.

Within the Church, proper connected individuals feel strangled by the politics and end up as “Clerics” – walking priests. Most who channel power from the deity also channel the emotion of disproval from their God when they observe the corruption, which is another reason they leave for the road or sets up local churches.

Paladins are mainly tied to peacekeeping forces and join sides in conflicts based on which side is the most pious house. pious here means paying the most money.

Some part of the justice is that the battle decides who is right. Even if the Paladin side loses, it does not mean the winner has the church against them. Pelor “changed his mind”.

The Church of Pelor

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