Some of this is the normal rules, some I have modified slightly. Also check out the wounds rules, as the Wound Damage heals like normal hit point damage. You can also read the Hit Point article for my view on DnD hit points.

Lethal Damage

  • Receive as normal, but note Damage Conversion (non-magic AC converts its bonus to non-lethal).
  • Heals at slower rate if unattended.


  • Dying
    • Dying at -1 to -9 hp. -10 is dead.
    • Each round has 10% chance to become stable. Also lose 1 Hit Point.
    • First aid Heal check (DC15) stabilises.
  • Shock
    • Shock (wikipedia) is almost the same as dying, with the main difference being that you retain your hit points. Though, by definition, you are dying.
    • While in shock, the target lose one hit point per round at the end of her turn.
    • As when dying, there is a chance to become stable, with a difference: The first turn there is a 10% chance of spontaneously become stable, the second, it’s 9%, the third it’s 8% etc until the victim is either stable or fail the last (1% chance) attempt and dies.
    • If the victim is dealt further damage, each point of damage lowers the chance to stabilize by 1%. If the damage makes this chance lower than 1%, the victim dies.
    • A first aid Heal check (DC20) or at least one Hit Point of magical healing will stabilize a person in shock.
    • If the victim becomes stable, she is unconscious until she has healed (natural or magic) at least as many points of damage as she lost during shock, plus one.
    • Thereafter the victim can act normally, but she’s likely to have had a near-death experience.
  • Death
    • After the body dies, it takes 2+D2 minutes before the brain is irreparably dead also (even with decapitation). At that point, the soul leaves the body.
    • It’s possible to cast spells on a dead body to heal wounds or to remove diseases or toxins.
    • Potions work on dead bodies because they are activated by the act of being put in a person’s mouth rather than swallowing.
    • The spell Resuscitation can be cast on a body which has not suffered complete brain death.

Nonlethal Damage

  • Receive as normal as well as new ways
  • Heals as normal (1/hour)
  • Magic potions heal 2 points of nonlethal damage if player is not missing hit points.
    • For both missing hit points and Wound Damage, nonlethal damage heals one extra per normal damage, as usual.

Natural Healing

  • Sleeping/resting for 8 hours recuperates lost hit points. Spending a whole day in bed (24 hours) recuperates double.
  • If another character cares for the injured, the recuperation is doubled (stacks with spending the whole day in bed). The below numbers assumes the context only, not that the injured has an actual carer.
  • Hit Point Damage
    • Applies to both normal HP loss (firstly) as well as Wound Damage (after all Hit Points are healed).
    • 0.5 per level per sleep/rest outside or in bad quality bed indoors (outside with bad weather halves this).
    • 1 per level per sleep/rest indoors on a average quality bed.
    • 1.5 per level per sleep/rest indoors in a good setting (access to servants, bath, clean cloths etc) or a staffed field hospital.
    • 2 per level per sleep/rest indoors in an extravagant setting or a hospital where staff understands your needs (but you are not specifically cared for).
    • Spending the time with a courtesan (if you are so capable) improves the healing by 0.5 per level.
  • Ability Damage
    • Recover one ability point per sleep/rest like hit points, but not one per level.


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