Creation Myth

From the endless void, two shapes emerged, they were the eternal mothers Krohtek the dragon and Klindin the hawk. Young and playful they circled each other in joy and played the world into existence. The rubbing of wings and light of the world also made Ven the Silent and stars to appear.

After the play had subsided, the mothers needed to lay their eggs. Ven was happy for his friends and helped build the nests and set up the Sun and Moon to warm the eggs and to keep light at night. Krohtek laid hers on the flying smoke of a volcano and Klindin laid hers on a cloud. The mothers both lay six eggs each and cared for them. Ven became the eggs uncle and blessed them.

One day when Ven visited the smoke of the volcano he could not feel any heartbeat in two of Krohtek’s eggs. He offered to give away a part of himself to save them and Krohtek was immensely grateful. He put light into the eggs and their hearts started beating once more.

At this point Klindin came crying, exclaiming that two of her eggs also were without heartbeats. Ven was tired but could not bare to see his friend crying. He followed Klindin up to her cloud and put light also in Klindin’s eggs. Their hearts started beating, but Ven fell over, sleeping.

At first Krotekh was angry with Klindin, but when she made Klindin cry, she realised that they both bore part in Ven’s sleep. They took him away from the cloud and laid him under the Shading Tree to rest, hoping that he would wake up soon. Klindin’s tears gathered and created the seas.

Ven slept for days and days. His friends became more worried as the gras was growing around Ven’s sleeping shape. More days passed and four of the eggs of Krotekh hatched. She named the draglings Rekenadrekesh, Pentkintaltane, Gendrumaninn and Dirnallenkreka. The two eggs that Ven had reawaken stayed in their shells a while longer.

A day later, Klindin’s eggs hatched. She named her chicks Alner, Haldinett, Harnon and Tredna. Klindin’s two eggs which were saved by Ven also waited to be hatched.

The time passed and Ven slept. The draglings and chicklets played on the moon and the mothers provided food.

The Ven eggs hatched, but the younglings were not what the mothers had thought. The hatchlings had taken much of Ven in to them and the mothers then understood that he may sleep for a very long time. The hatchlings were named Himna, Belindril, Ard and Nimla. Collectively their mothers called them the Vens.

Their appearance was with aspects of hawk and dragon, but made out of pure starlight. It’s said that the Ven are sons and daughters of the great wings, but more Ven than Wing.

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Creation Myth

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